Structuring Research Papers using a museum metaphor

An Overview on Ongoing Research

Beatrice Gobbo

Department of Design
Politecnico di Milano

Mennatallah El-Assady

Department of Computer Science
University of Konstanz

Publications prompt authors-readers conversation and stimulate the use of multimedia contents, making them more and more similar to interconnected and complex artefacts. Thus, by taking inspiration from Digital Humanities and the visualisation of Cultural Heritage, we envision evocative spaces that, considering both the conversational and multimedia nature of research papers, encourages out of the box ways of browsing and disseminating scientific knowledge.

The Explainable Artificial Intelligence Primer

A Digital Ideation Space for Explainable Aritifical Intelligence Strategies

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CHI21 Workshop Operationalizing Human-Centered Perspectives in XAI
Saturday, May 8  & Sunday, May 9 2021  1300 EDT/ 1900 CEST 

Curating Publications As Artefacts

Exploring Machine Learning Research in an Interactive Virtual Museum

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ICLR 2021 Workshop Rethinking ML Papers Friday, May 7 2021  800 EDT/ 1900 CEST